5 Signs That You Are Ready To Build A New Home

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait

If you are in the market for a new home, here are a few ways to tell whether building your own custom home is the perfect option for you.

You Don’t Like Surprises

Even if you appreciate some of the “charm” of an older home, you don’t find broken plumbing or window replacement or hidden termite damage to be so charming. Building a new home means you can avoid all of that extra maintenance and surprising bad news that tends to pop up in older homes at the most inconvenient times.

You Can’t Quite Find the House For You

With the money you will invest in a home, you deserve to be picky. And maybe in your real estate search you have realized that if you want to live in a certain neighborhood, you just aren’t going to get that finished basement or master suite that you’ve always wanted. Building you own custom home means you can have exactly the features you want.

You’ve Settled on a Neighborhood

If proximity to family, friends and amenities has prompted you to decide on a specific place to live, or you have been looking in a particular neighborhood because it has excellent schools for your children, then finding the perfect house can become more difficult. If you keep getting the same, not-so-inspiring real estate listing results when you search your perfect neighborhood, then it’s time to find a desirable lot instead and build your own home.

Your Pinterest and Houzz Accounts are Out of Control

If you have completely built and decorated a new home 20 times over in the virtual world, why not make it happen in real life, and THEN move in and start enjoying it? As most of us know, life tends to get in the way of home renovation once you have moved and settled in to the routine of work and school.

You Have Done Your Financial Homework

If you’ve been house hunting or have listed your current home to sell, then you’ve probably already done the math to figure out what kind of home you can afford. What you might not realize is that the cost of building a new home is often comparable to buying an existing home. And since you get to choose the exact location of where your custom home will be built, you have some control over your investment.

Do any of the above descriptions remind you of someone? Don’t wait any longer — contact us to get started on planning the perfect home for your family.

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