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Even if yours is only a “Royal Baby” in your own eyes, bringing home a new bundle of joy means making some modifications to your home. Preparing your home for a baby needn’t be too difficult or expensive, but there is planning and cost involved.

You’ll want to start thinking ahead – even if you aren’t pregnant yet, if you plan to be, you should consider your future kids when purchasing a new home. Will you have enough room in your house for children? Which room will be the nursery? Are you planning on more than one child? These are all things to think about when buying a home and starting a family.

Once you’ve chosen your home – and don’t worry, we can help you to custom-build one to suit your preferences and specifications — and picked out a room for your baby, get used to where the room is located within your home. You’ll be shuffling there half-asleep on many nights for feedings and other parental duties.

You’ll also get to do the fun stuff, like decorate! Pinterest has a lot of great ideas when it comes to DIY nurseries, from wall stencils to fun, unique themes and more. You’ll want to be sure not to overcrowd the nursery and have plenty of room for the essentials such a crib, changing table, bassinet, and rocking chair.  Another neat idea is to replace the regular door of the baby’s room with a screen door, to prevent pets and other kids from entering the nursery uninvited. A window shade will help to keep the light out.

You’ll need to have baby monitors and also baby-proof your home. Safety is of utmost importance when dealing with a baby or a young child, and there are many books out there to help you baby-proof your house.

Don’t forget about feeding time and diapers – all of these necessities from bottles to diapers are going to need to be there the second you arrive home with your newborn – and as you stock up, all of these items are going to need a place to live within your home. When building your Paragon home, be sure to consider lots of extra closets and storage space, especially if you plan on having a family!

Even though babies are tiny, they are a big undertaking…but one that reaps huge rewards for a lifetime to come.


~~ Ashley Boynes-Shuck

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