The First Things Homeowners Buy After Moving

New Home TipsSome Purchases Should Wait

When you have finally made the move to your new house and started to unpack, you might see right away that your sofa or dining room table won’t work in the new space. Furniture is one of the top items new homeowners buy after they move. Here’s a look at some of the more common expenditures, and why it might be better to not buy that sectional couch right away.


Making your new home comfortable and a showcase for your personal style is the fun part of moving. But before you rush to buy tufted chairs and contemporary side tables and wool rugs, try to do without for a little while. If you have an empty room in the house, you don’t want to buy a bedroom set and then realize you’ really need a home office or space for your fitness equipment. It might be hard to resist, but observing how you use each room and even the amount of natural light in the spaces for a few weeks can help you shop smart for furnishings that will really fit both the room and your personality. 

Windows and Floors

You might need to buy window treatments right away for privacy or warmth. If so, go for something neutral that you could use later in another room. Once you have a more concrete color palette and design idea, then you can swap out the neutral blinds or drapes for something colorful or patterned. Same goes for area rugs — another big purchase for homeowners who have hardwood floors.  Take the time to shop for a rug that you won’t need to replace in a year, particularly if it will be in a high-traffic area or you have kids or pets.  

Lighting and Other Decor

Your new home might be outfitted with light fixtures that don’t match your style. But if they are in good working order, changing hardwired fixtures can probably wait. Try shopping instead for lamps that can add more ambient lighting and a specific look to your decor. Lighting is high up on the list of new home purchases, especially for people who have moved to a larger house. If you are desperate to cozy up your new home as quickly as possible, try adding freestanding shelves for your personal books, photos, art objects and plants. It’s not a huge investment and can be easily moved.

Don’t Forget the Yard

One of most popular purchases made by first-time homeowners is a lawnmower. If you move in spring or summer and don’t want to pay a lawn service, it’s a necessity. 

It takes a great deal of time and money to get settled in a new house. If you have all of your basic needs covered, consider taking a breather before investing in new furniture and all of the extras.

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