Tips to Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Like New

So you finally have the elegant hardwood floor of your dreams in your new Paragon home. Or you’ve saved up, shopped around, and had a new wood floor installed. And it’s lovely!

So lovely, in fact, that you might cringe when the kids walk over it with their shoes on, or when the dog comes indoors all muddy. And don’t even think about house guests in high heels – they’ll mark the floor, right? Your beautiful, elegant floor.

Don’t worry. We have some tips to keep your wood floor looking beautiful. Your source of pride in your home shouldn’t be a source of stress. We’ve got you covered.

Be Proactive

Let’s start by getting a regular cleaning routine going. The trick is to use the right product, but not leave much product residue behind.
Find yourself a good quality hardwood cleaning product, and remember to rinse well with a clean, damp mop to remove residue. If the product is left on the wood for too long – and this includes the residue – it can start to break down the wood over time. But mop well, and you will have no worries. Avoid those pesky little scratch marks by cleaning regularly to remove any dirt. Electrostatic dust cloths are great for picking up everything from pet hair to dust mites.


Ah, family – we love them, right? But watching the kids drag the dining room chairs around on the wood floor is stressful. So this calls for a little kid-proofing. A really simple, cheap and effective trick is to cut some pieces of felt and glue them to the bottom of the chair legs. That way the kids can slide the chairs out from under the table, and they glide softly against the wood floor. Happy parents, happy kids, and a beautiful floor.

Fixing Scuff Marks

If you already have furniture scuffs on the floor, then try a baking soda and vinegar solution on a cloth to rub away the mark. You can leave the solution on for up to an hour if the mark is stubborn. For tiny scuffs, sometimes a pencil eraser does the trick.

Keep it Dry

Standing water on wood floors is something that can do lasting damage. So if you have a pet, use an absorbent mat under food and water bowls. During wet weather, keep windows and patio doors closed. And an extra large mat inside all of the entrances to the house will go a long way in protecting your floor.

With a little care and prevention, your wood floors will look beautiful for years to come.

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