Lock in Your Custom Home Project Cost by April 30, 2018

The market for new custom homes continues to be strong. Demand is high, and the availability of existing homes at a certain price point continues to be tight. Home builders, however, are facing rising costs for lumber and other materials nationwide that is driving up the price for custom home construction.

If you are interested in working with Paragon to build a unique custom home, signing a deposit agreement with us by Monday, April 30, 2018, means that you will be able to lock in your home project at a lower rate. Meeting that deadline will give us time to order materials from our suppliers before price increases take effect next month.

No matter when you decide to build a custom home with us, Paragon will work closely with you throughout the design, selection, and building process to manage your project budget and choose the home features that you want.

Contact us right away if you haven’t moved forward on your custom home project.

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