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Our outdoor living space can be a huge asset to our home and property. The way we care for our yards, our landscaping, and our outdoor lighting and furniture can really make a difference. From curb appeal to entertaining, relaxing, and more, our outdoor living space should be treated as a part of our home.


Planting flowers, shrubs, and greenery can really spruce up your yard and accentuate your gorgeous Paragon Home. Making sure to keep your grass cared for and trimmed is another must, as is caring for any trees and plants surrounding your new home.


If you’re into entertaining, you’ll want to consider your outdoor living space as a part of your home.


What kind of lighting do you want outside? What about furniture, hammocks, a pool, or a bar? Do you want a basketball hoop or a maybe a fire pit could come in handy as summer turns to a chilly Pittsburgh fall.


There are many questions to consider in creating custom outdoor living space. Think about your family’s individual needs: are you into gardening? If so – vegetables, or flowers? You can eat fresh veggies right from your garden or you can create beautiful indoor centerpieces with flowers you’ve grown, too.


Depending on your style, you can also think about yard décor. Do you like the kitschy fun of a yard gnome? The retro feel of a gazing ball? Or, do you prefer simpler things like solar lights, tiki torches, white twinkle lights, or subtle statues of angels or animals?


Whatever your style is, keep it true to you and yours. You want your yard, patio, and deck to be like an extension of your home, and so you should care for it as such.


Be sure to check out Paragon Homes for our unique custom home designs.  You can choose a home plan as is, work with our team to make any custom changes you like, or we can design a custom plan around you from the ground up. Don’t forget to check our blog often for more Pittsburgh custom home and lifestyle tips.


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