Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Holiday House Selling TipsGet it Sold and Still Enjoy the Season

As if the stress of shopping, baking and traveling weren’t enough, you might be in the position of trying to sell your house heading into the winter holidays. The good news about selling your home during the holiday season is that there is typically less competition, and buyers are often in a hurry to make a decision and get settled. Here are some ideas to help you both sell your home and maintain your holiday spirit.


You might think that filling your house with twinkling lights and glittery decor might also add to its appeal. But you want prospective buyers to see the features of your house, not your nutcracker collection or the 10-foot tree in your entryway. Consider scaling back the holiday decorations and keeping them clean and simple — enough to make your home cozy and inviting yet still let buyers see themselves living there.

Scheduling Showings

Take extra care when planning showings or open houses with your listing agent. You might have all of your family’s holiday parties and school concerts on the calendar, but you don’t want to forget about having to bake something the day before. Make sure someone can handle activity on your listing in the event that your agent is on vacation. For prospective buyers who come to see your house on a cold, snowy night, consider putting out a carafe of hot chocolate or tea and some holiday cookies as a welcoming touch that might get them to linger in your kitchen and really take in what your home has to offer.

Curb Appeal

Outdoors, too, keep the holiday decorations simple and seasonal — think greenery over inflatable elves. More importantly, take care of leaves, ice and snow around your house. Buyers should be able to navigate your property safely, and keeping the exterior tidy and maintained can make up for the lack of green landscaping this time of year.

Listing Photos

In your online listing, make sure to include photos of your property taken in the spring or summer, especially if you have mature trees, an expansive yard, or standout landscaping features such as a patio, pool or flower garden. Home buyers might have trouble envisioning your yard in the summer if they are seeing it in the dark or after a snowfall.

Price Accordingly

There might not be as many homes listed during the holidays and winter months, but that doesn’t mean buyers will willingly pay any price. If your home has been on the market for months, you might need to reassess your neighborhood’s comps and the current market to price your house right. The goal is to make buyers feel like they are getting good value for their money, and for you to be in your new home in the new year.

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