Soaker Tubs Still in Style

Pittsburgh custom home builderIt used to be that everyone’s dream bathroom featured a jacuzzi tub of some sort, either a traditional rectangular built-in or a larger size tub as a focal point in the master bath.

Homeowners in recent years have moved away from bathtubs altogether in the master suite, opting instead for large, walk-in showers featuring steam, hydro massage, and other features. Spa-like showers aren’t going away any time soon in home design, but building new and customizing your master bath means that you can include space for a freestanding tub and really turn the space into a retreat.

There are soaking tubs available to fit all kinds of home designs. The traditional style clawfoot tubs now come in varying sizes and with vintage looking or modern feet, as well in different materials. When you are building a new home, you don’t have to worry about retrofitting the structure of your bath to withstand the weight of a cast iron tub — which has the best heat retention. More modern looking freestanding tubs can be found in cast iron, solid surface, fiberglass, and resin materials, and they can really add a sculptural element to the room. If you want a really unique look that can add warmth and texture to your space, consider a copper or Japanese-style wooden tub. With a creative and personal design, you’ll be able to transport yourself back to that favorite vacation spot without leaving home.

Working with a truly custom home builder means that you can decide exactly what kind of layout and style you want for your shower and bathtub. If you’ve always wanted to have a long soak while staring out at the sky, we can design the room so that your freestanding tub has a window view.

Interested in learning more about the things you can include in your custom bath design? Contact us today! We’d love to talk.

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