5 Tips for Outdoor Summer Entertaining

Pittsburgh custom homesSummer is officially here! And this weekend’s weather will really be heralding the season. Maybe your patio, deck, or porch party game is strong, and you have already sealed your reputation as the summer hangout in your neighborhood. If not, here are 5 clever and relatively simple things you can do to add some creativity and panache to your outdoor gathering on these balmy summer nights.

Get Your Glow On

Once the sun sets, you can really create a fun or dramatic atmosphere around your property with lighting, whether you go for string lights, tiki torches, candles, or a fire ring. For a warm glow without worrying about fire hazards (especially if there are children present), try flameless candles and paper lanterns with battery powered lights.

Get Comfortable

Folding chairs are convenient and don’t take up much space, but try and also offer some comfortable, cushioned seating. Arrange your outdoor sectional and chairs for conversation like you would indoors.  String up a a hammock or two and encourage guests to relax.

Outdoor Rugs

Along the same lines of bringing the living room setup outside, go ahead and move an indoor rug to your deck or patio for a real “lux” feel to your summer parties.  Unless you are sure the weather will stay dry, this works best on a covered patio, and you can add some large cushions for ground-level lounging.

A Feast for the Eyes

Don’t get stressed out about how to decorate tables for your outdoor events. Let the food serve as decoration. An abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables make it easy to create platters of delicious eats that double as works of art.  If you really want a theme look, concentrate on using dishes and platters of a similar color.

Table Art

No one want to do more laundry in the summer, so try some brown craft paper or white butcher paper as table coverings for your summer meals. This idea isn’t just for kids — put out some markers and encourage guests to doodle. 

In the end,  summer entertaining is all about getting together with friends and family.  Keep it simple so that you enjoy the gathering, as well!

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