Do I need a construction loan?
What if I want to make changes to my home?
Can I build a new home when I still have an existing home to sell?
How long has Paragon Homes been building in the Pittsburgh area?
What options will I have to choose from?
What makes Paragon different?
How much does Paragon charge per square foot?
How long does it take to build a custom home?
Are there basements included in every home?
Who will help me with the design process or find a new home plan?
What if I need help with my selections?
I already have plans in mind. Can you build my dream house?
What areas does Paragon Homes build in?
Do you have any homes available for immediate occupancy?
How can I get more information about Paragon Homes?
Do I have to sign a construction contract to design a custom plan?
Can I afford a custom home?
What about the sale of my existing home?
Why build a new home vs. buying an existing home?
What changes do you see in the housing market these days?
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