New Home Construction

Why New Homes are More Energy Efficient

Homeowners who care about energy efficiency tend to be more fiscally responsible, happier, and they stay in their homes longer. That is why at Paragon Homes we make sure that all of our new homes are built to a higher standard and are 30% more energy efficient than other new homes.

The Difference Between Production and Custom Homes

Choices Are Not Always Clear If you are considering building a new home, you first need to decide whether to choose a custom or production home builder. The definition of a custom home builder has become somewhat muddied in the last few decades. So what’s the difference?

What is a Custom Home?

Custom Does Not Always Mean “Custom” Does it seem like everyone has artisan bread these days? Or artisan something. If you are looking to build your own home, you might find that the term “custom home” has become the artisan bread of the construction world – it is used very broadly and could mean any number …

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