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2018 Festival of Homes

We are excited to once again participate in the Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh’s Festival of Homes.  The Festival will be held over the next two weekends, September 22-23 and September 29-30 from noon to 5pm.

This year Paragon will be featuring our Deerfield Ridge community in South Fayette and our Walkers Ridge and new Parkside Meadows communities in Collier Township. Continue reading

5 Guarantees We Offer Our Clients

Paragon Homes' GuaranteeThe thought of researching and deciding on a home builder has probably kept more than one person from moving ahead on their custom home project. After many decades in the business, we understand. There are lots of builders out there, each of them with a different approach to doing business.

So why choose Paragon? Here are five guarantees that we offer to every client, no matter if you are building a more modest home to downsize or have dreams of a luxury villa:


We practice professional and thorough communication at every step of the home building process. We believe that by being clear, offering detailed information,and giving clients plenty of support is the best way to make the design and construction of their new home a pleasurable experience. Continue reading

Visit Our Move-in Ready Walkers Ridge Model Home

Pittsburgh custom homesCollier Township is a safe, convenient, and beautiful place to call home. And it’s hard to beat our Walkers Ridge community’s location in Collier. Living here means that you are less than 20 minutes away from downtown Pittsburgh, SouthPointe Office Park and Pittsburgh International Airport, and less than 10 minutes from Collier Town Square, the Chartiers Valley School District campus with its brand new middle school, The Club at Nevillewood, and outdoor recreation at the Panhandle Trail.

Our model home in Walkers Ridge is currently for sale, and that means you can start living in a brand new Paragon home without the wait! We build all of our model homes with the same high end materials and attention to detail that have consistently earned us awards from the Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh. Continue reading

Building New Home in 2018? 5 Questions for Home Builders

Pittsburgh custom home builderMost of us make lists for the New Year, even if they are only mental lists. Get in shape. Organize paperwork. Eat more vegetables. Maybe you are looking to make some bigger life changes, like looking for a new career or job, starting a family, or building a new house and putting down some roots in a great Pittsburgh area neighborhood.

If you have made a New Year’s resolution to find a builder in 2018 and start the process of building a custom home, here are five good questions to ask prospective builders: Continue reading

Meet New Members of the Paragon Family

Since we started Paragon Homes 30 years ago, we have always made customer satisfaction our top priority. We want you to love your house, and enjoy living in it for years to come. That means we work very hard to answer all of your questions and communicate clearly and honestly at each step of the building process. The newest members of the Paragon Homes team offer a wealth of experience for our clients, as well as a passion for the business and personable approach. Continue reading

The Final Walk-Through: What to Know

home buyer tips- the final walk-throughWhen your new home is complete and you are just about done packing up for the move, a builder will arrange a final walk-through of the property. No matter how hectic your schedule is (the walk-through might happen days or even hours before the final settlement), don’t skip this last step before moving in.

While the walk-through with your builder is not intended to be a formal inspection, it’s an opportunity for the homeowner to make sure that everything in the home has been built or installed as agreed upon, and that nothing has been damaged during the building process.

We work closely with our custom home clients from beginning to end, and our homeowners typically have visited the their new home project many times prior to walk-through day. Getting ready to move into a new house is both exciting and stressful, and we are committed to getting every detail just right. Still, we encourage our clients to have a checklist handy at the walk-through so that all of their questions are answered and they are sure everything is finished to their satisfaction.

The final walk-through also serves as new home “orientation”. We go over operation and maintenance of your new appliances and mechanical systems, warranty information, and a timeline for how we handle issues that might arise in the first months that you are living in your new home.

For most of our clients, the hardest thing about the final walk-through is concentrating on construction and warranty details when they are so close to settling in to their dream house. We always keep in touch with our clients and are willing to answer questions that come up down the road. Every builder is different, so make sure that you and your builder have clear communication about how they will handle any problems that you might not notice until after all of the boxes are unpacked.

7 Secrets to Successfully Creating an Outdoor Cooking Space

Each year when the weather turns warm the thoughts of many homeowners turn to all things outdoors. There are beautiful plants to maintain, pools to enjoy, lawns that need to be manicured, and outdoor sports to watch and compete in. Then there is one of the most pleasurable outdoor pursuits- cooking. With so many fresh fruits and vegetables in season and so many wonderful recipes to try out it is one of the best things about summer. Just as homeowners want the best in landscaping, pools, and lawn furniture to show off, they also want the best in outdoor cooking spaces to enjoy summer’s bounty.

1. Climate drives the choice of outdoor materials.

The first consideration when designing your dream outdoor cooking space must always be the climate that you live in. It is the driving force behind many of the elements in your design. First, it must dictate the materials you choose for your cooking space. Given the cost and the effort involved in installing the wood and brick that typically provides the foundation of an outdoor cooking area, it is extremely important to choose materials and designs that will stand up to the climate you live in. This is true whether you are living in a climate with harsh winters and hot summers, like New England, or a climate with long months heat and humidity, like the southern states or a climate with dry, arid heat, such as the desert southwest.

2. Let the natural space dictate design.

Look around at the natural beauty of your surroundings. Any outdoor cooking space should reflect and enhance the natural surroundings. When making choices about the materials used, the furniture and appliances, and decorative accents you should consider how they work with the natural surroundings. The good thing about designing an outdoor cooking space as opposed to an indoor kitchen is that you already have a backdrop for your design. Nature provides you with a palette of colors and a design motif to work with. You get to use that when you dream up your perfect outdoor looking space.

3. Use the light.

When you have an outdoor area for cooking and eating you have planned for variations in light and temperature. There are a variety of options when it comes to lighting. You should look at where you are creating natural spots for both cooking and gathering to eat when choosing the placement of light sources. The type of lighting you choose should work with the over design. The same is true of shade. You can choose from many different attractive ways to create shade for cooking and eating. For variations in temperature, there are a variety of fans that can circulate the air. Attractive fire pits and large grills create warmth in cooler weather.

4. Go small.

When you are designing an outdoor cooking space you should plan for the amount of food you will be storing and cooking. You will find that you might not need full-sized appliances. Smaller appliances such as mini-fridges can work for you. Since you most likely will only need to store and cook enough food for one meal smaller appliances can be a good solution. They are less expensive and take up less space, leaving more money and space for the more decorative aspects of your outdoor cooking space!

5. Go big- but not too big.

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of designing your own personal outdoor cooking space. You want it to have all the impressive gadgets and for the furniture and appliances to have all the latest features. Let your imagination run free but then consider reigning it in a bit. If you take a moment to step back and analyze your lifestyle and the cooking you will be doing outside you might find that there are some gadgets and features you don’t really need. You don’t have to shell out money and make room for something you probably aren’t even going to use. Be deliberate in what you choose to include in your outdoor cooking space.

6. Just add water.

One of the most important features you should consider adding to your outdoor cooking space is a good sink. While the plumbing involved might be a little tricky it can be totally worth it to have a sink outside. Having a sink makes both food prep and clean-up easier and faster. It also makes it easy for people to wash their hands before eating. Think about including a sink in your plans.

7. The devil is in the details.

Time to get real. There is, after all, a difference between looking at pictures of perfectly manicured outdoor eating spaces with pristine furniture and the latest appliances and making it happen in your own backyard. To begin with, start with a design and a budget that is right for you. Don’t rush that first step. Then you should carefully vet any contractors you use. Make sure they are reliable and have a reputation for quality work. Before you begin any work check in at town hall and make sure you are following town regulations and ordinances and that you have any permits you need. Following those steps will make the process smoother and give you the outdoor cooking space of your dreams!

Visit Deerfield Ridge & Parkside Meadows at 2016 Pittsburgh Festival of Homes

Festival of Homes 2016 Paragon HomesExperience Our New Home Neighborhoods

Make sure to visit Deerfield Ridge in South Fayette as part of the Pittsburgh Festival of Homes, a free event running September 24th and 25th and October 1st and 2nd, 2016.

You can get a feeling for Deerfield Ridge’s scenic setting and spacious new home lots, as well as take a tour of our beautifully decorated model home. Our custom home consultant, Sonja Peters, will be on site to answer any of your questions about building a Paragon home that is uniquely yours. Continue reading