Paragon Homes Telecommuting Tips: Making the Best of Working from Home


Nowadays, companies that offer the option to telecommute are becoming increasingly more common. Telecommuting can be a big money-saver for businesses, and it is also a flexible option that is viewed as beneficial by many employees. That said, working from home isn’t for everyone. At Paragon, we understand the unique challenges that can come from having a home office. But with our spacious home designs, you’ll be able to create an efficient, useful home office space that is uniquely yours.

Once you have established a designated room to be used as your home office, you’ll want to brush up on the best tips for telecommuting. Paragon Homes has compiled the following list of work-from-home tips to help you get started on this next step in your career.

Paragon Homes Presents: Top Tips for your Home Office

  • Designate a space: Don’t double-dip. If you use your bedroom or kitchen as your workspace, you’ll have trouble winding down, and will find yourself always “on-the-clock.” Designate a space that you can go to each day, much like you would with commuting to a regular outside-the-home office.
  • Stay organized: Another great tip for your home office is to stay organized. If you work from home, you’ll find that with flexibility comes added pressure to stay accountable and on-task. Some people may be easily distracted or may have trouble staying as organized as they would at an office. Make your home office a sacred space dedicated to your work only. Make sure that there is a place for everything, and keep everything in its place. Labels, folders, and files are not for the office only; they can be for your home office, too
  • Stay connected: Communication is vital if you work from home. Stay connected with your on-location officemates, as well as with your coworkers who are fellow telecommuters. Being openly available and staying connected and in-the-loop can help increase communication and will set others’ minds at ease about your level of dedication to the job, even if you are offsite.
  • Get a sitter: If you have kids, you wouldn’t usually take them to work with you if you worked outside the home. Working at home should be no different. While children are wonderful blessings, and while it is very nice to have the flexibility that comes with a telecommuting position, your kids can also serve as a distraction during working hours. Having a sitter or nanny to keep an eye on them during key working hours may be important for your productivity level on the job.
  • Get creative: Stay creative and think outside the box. Sometimes, working from home can present problems that are unique and unlike those that may arise if you work in an office environment. So always stay flexible and get creative. Your problem-solving skills will come in handy as a telecommuter.
  • Make it your own: Make your home office your own space. Since it is your house, after all, you have the freedom to decorate your office to suit your own personality. So go big and do it right! Choose a style that is all your own. Make it a space in which you will enjoy working. Give it a personality all of its own. This is, however, one of many fun advantages to working from home!
  • Keep track of expenses: When tax season comes along, you’ll be ahead of the game if you keep track of your expenses. You may be able to write off some of the expenses that come along with having a home office.
  • Have the right equipment: Think about what you will really need in order to establish a good working environment. What will your company provide? If you are self-employed, what all will you need to make your home office really flourish? Make sure you have a good internet connection, lots of storage space on your computer, video chatting capabilities, a landline, a cell phone, a fax machine, printer, scanner, headset, etc. Make sure you have whatever is necessary, be it software, hardware, or other electronics or computer accessories, as well as office supplies from paper to paper clips, and beyond. You’ll want to be prepared.

Working from home can be a great experience, and with these expert telecommuting tips, it’s sure to be a successful one, too.


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