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5 Reasons Why You Should Move to South Fayette

Building a home in South FayetteIt can be hard the choose the right community for you.  We believe that South Fayette is a good bet to build in. Here are just a few of the top reasons you should consider this township for your new custom home.

Certified Gold Community

South Fayette Township has earned gold through the voluntary Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification program. These results show that this community is committed to economic development, social equity and environmental quality. Continue reading

Benefits of Building a New Home

Starting Fresh Can Save You Money

Pittsburgh custom home builderMaybe you’ve settled on a neighborhood or area you want to call home, but you are still house hunting. Reality television makes renovation of older homes look incredibly easy. And fast. But as many people know from experience, owning and fixing up an older home in real life can be stressful and costly. According to research compiled by New Home Source, a residential construction industry advocacy group, counselors cite home renovation projects as one of the top three factors in divorce. Continue reading

The Final Walk-Through: What to Know

home buyer tips- the final walk-throughWhen your new home is complete and you are just about done packing up for the move, a builder will arrange a final walk-through of the property. No matter how hectic your schedule is (the walk-through might happen days or even hours before the final settlement), don’t skip this last step before moving in.

While the walk-through with your builder is not intended to be a formal inspection, it’s an opportunity for the homeowner to make sure that everything in the home has been built or installed as agreed upon, and that nothing has been damaged during the building process.

We work closely with our custom home clients from beginning to end, and our homeowners typically have visited the their new home project many times prior to walk-through day. Getting ready to move into a new house is both exciting and stressful, and we are committed to getting every detail just right. Still, we encourage our clients to have a checklist handy at the walk-through so that all of their questions are answered and they are sure everything is finished to their satisfaction.

The final walk-through also serves as new home “orientation”. We go over operation and maintenance of your new appliances and mechanical systems, warranty information, and a timeline for how we handle issues that might arise in the first months that you are living in your new home.

For most of our clients, the hardest thing about the final walk-through is concentrating on construction and warranty details when they are so close to settling in to their dream house. We always keep in touch with our clients and are willing to answer questions that come up down the road. Every builder is different, so make sure that you and your builder have clear communication about how they will handle any problems that you might not notice until after all of the boxes are unpacked.

5 Things To Splurge On When Building a New Custom Home

Building your dream home lets you discover who you are, how you want to live, and exactly where you want to put down roots. It is a significant investment that you are making, and you would like everything to go exactly right, especially during building. The main advantage to building your own home is that you get to customize it to include everything you want, down to the little details. Setting your budget is essential. Depending on your budget, there are areas in your home that are worthwhile splurges. Cutting corners on the following items or features to save money might only cause you regrets, and more money, down the road:

Wiring and Electrical Outlets

Placement of wiring and outlets is governed by code requirements, so many people don’t look closely at the electrical system when designing a home. Since this work is done early in the building process and requires opening walls later on if you want changes, really think about your family’s electrical usage and needs early in the design stage. Consider your hobbies, who has electronic devices and where they like to charge them, and where you might need additional outlets down the road.


Splurging on the high-quality flooring you really want will save you the hassle of clearing out the room when you want to replace it, or have to change it because it didn’t hold up to the constant running of your pets and/or kids. There are so many options for wood, tile, carpet and other flooring materials these days that it might take you a good bit of research and time to figure out what style and material suits your taste and lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to ask us for advice.

Storage space

Custom built-ins and additional closet and storeroom space is worth the splurge, especially if you have a large family or expect your family to grow. Storage space is high on the list for most homebuyers, also, so investing extra money in built-in space in your custom home upfront will only add to its value later.


The kitchen is one area you will love showing off to your friends, and the room you will probably be in the most. So it’s definitely worth spending a little more here so that it is finished according to your taste and style. High end appliances, countertops, sinks, cabinets and vent hoods aren’t just for looks, they will have the use and maintenance features that work for you. With Paragon, high end finishes and appliances are standard features in every new home we build. But homeowners still have plenty of style choices to get the look they want.


You have a couple of options with paint, and not just with colors. The type of paint makes a big difference in your home, and we can help you choose the best finish for how you will be living in each space. If you have small children, a more expensive, more durable paint will last longer and be easier to keep clean. Paint that is rolled or brushed on will appear thicker than paint that is sprayed on. And take the time to really research the colors you want in your home so you won’t be painting again in a year to cover up a yellow that turned out to be a little too sunny.

When you build a custom home with Paragon Homes, we will really listen to all of your needs and wants. Then we can help you manage your budget to splurge on the home features that will have the biggest payoff for your lifestyle.

The First Things Homeowners Buy After Moving

New Home TipsSome Purchases Should Wait

When you have finally made the move to your new house and started to unpack, you might see right away that your sofa or dining room table won’t work in the new space. Furniture is one of the top items new homeowners buy after they move. Here’s a look at some of the more common expenditures, and why it might be better to not buy that sectional couch right away. Continue reading

Moving to Pittsburgh? Collier and South Fayette are a good bet!

Moving to Pittsburgh- Build a Paragon HomeIf you are choosing to build a new house in the Pittsburgh area, you might be considering neighborhoods based on how close they are to your relatives, job or your kids’ school. If you aren’t locked in on a particular area, South Fayette and Collier townships are a good bet to build in, for a number of reasons.

Room to Grow

Both South Fayette and Collier have realized robust housing growth in recent years, in large part because they have premium land. Half of each township is made up with all the shopping and dining along Washington Pike and the area transitions quickly to suburban and even a rural and woodsy in feel in some places, both communities give homeowners the opportunity to spread out and build on spacious, scenic lots. New home neighborhoods offer a sense of community, but let everyone enjoy some privacy.

Grade A Schools

Younger families continue to be drawn to both of these communities because of the success of South Fayette and Chartiers Valley school districts. Both districts have taken on building projects in recent years to both accommodate the growing number of students and incorporate new technology and innovations for students. The Pittsburgh Business Times ranked South Fayette at the top district in Western Pennsylvania in 2015, bumping Mt. Lebanon School District from the number one slot and both South Fayette and Chartiers Valley scored at the top of the recent PA state Keystone Exams.

Low Taxes

South Fayette and Collier townships rank on the low end of property taxes, both in the bottom third of millage rates among the more than 100 municipalities in Allegheny County. At the same time, new homes built in these communities hold their value.


At Allegheny County’s Western edge, Collier and South Fayette are within 15 miles of downtown Pittsburgh, and close to both Pittsburgh International Airport and work locations in Allegheny, Beaver and especially Southpointe, Washington County.

The popularity of South Fayette and Collier have resulted in stable communities that let you live close to or in a natural, park-like environment, with shopping and other businesses just a short drive away.