Wexford, Pennsylvania Named A “Perfect Suburb” By CNBC



Wexford, PA has been named one of CNBC’s most “perfect” suburbs in the nation.

According to a recent article from CNBC, Wexford is one of 10 perfect suburbs in the United States, for reasons such as a 7.0% metro unemployment rate, a median house value of $345,578, and a higher safety rating in the top 35% of all U.S. communities, not to mention a high value on education, and access to great schools.

CNBC states, “Wexford is a mostly white-collar small city with lots of new housing and urban sophisticates (educated, wealthy, avid readers, well-traveled, supporters of the arts). It has better public schools than 96% of all U.S. communities, and its public schools are better than 99% of schools in the rest of the state. The majority of Wexford’s populace holds a four-year degree (58.3%), and a majority are homeowners (82.6%). Further analysis of the suburb is found on its Neighborhood Scout profile.”

Paragon Homes offers housing in the Wexford area. One of our new home communities, Venango Trails, is a great place to live, if you are looking to move to Wexford. Paragon believes that, for someplace to feel like home it first has to look like home. At Venango Trails, the homes are both artistic and historic, without sacrificing modern conveniences. For example, eery home is high-performance, completely wired, and eco-and-earth-friendly with energy-saving materials and technologies to complement the land around which it has been built. In fact, Venango Trails is conserving ponds, green space, and acres of forest with historic Native American Indian trails. So, now you can commune with nature while always being just a short commute from Wexford and Cranberry Township!

Perfect homes in a perfect suburb: sounds good to us!

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