Building On Your Own Lot

Build on your Lot

Custom Build on your lot

A Custom-built Paragon Home, on Your Lot

  •  If you are ready to build, or are just starting to look, we can help
  • Offsite, big and challenging lots are among our specialties
  • We can help you with everything from lot selection to land permits and more

Over 30 years ago our first home was built on a customer's lot,  since that time we have helped hundreds of families realize the dream of building a custom home in Pittsburgh.

Why is the Paragon Process better for you?

Our process was designed around creating superior customer service through communication and a focus on the customer throughout the various stages of building a custom home. Ultimately it is a turn-key process where a family can direct the process, without having to go through the hassles of leading it.  With other builders, customers are expected to find land, secure any utilities and permits, hire an architect and then select a builder.  This outdated process is what leads some people to believe that building a new home is too big of a hassle.  The Paragon Process for building a custom home is designed around ease to the customer and focused on getting you in that dream home that inspired all of this in the first place.

Top benefits of the Paragon Process:

  • A builder led team will ensure that budget and execution are at the forefront of the planning process.  Nobody wants to spend thousands designing a beautiful home only to find out that actually building it is out of their reach.  Only a builder knows the construction costs on a minute to minute basis to ensure that the home is not over-designed with features that might not be important or affordable to the clients.
  • Faster move in - land permitting, home design, budgeting, and scheduling can happen simultaneously
  • Better home design - working with all of the designers and builders in a professional fashion, yields a home that is more customized around what a family needs and wants than when designing a home in a vacuum
  • We can assist you during any or all parts of the process.  If you simply need help with picking a lot, want to get a bid for construction or don't even know where to start.

If you are just starting to look or own a lot already, we can help you.

Paragon Homes has built many homes throughout the Pittsburgh area, both in new communities, as well as, on individually owned home sites. We invite you to meet with us to discuss your community requirements, offer design assistance (if needed), evaluate your property to ensure the home will not only fit on the lot, but that the lot meets utility, soil quality and other building requirements. Contact us for the most up to date information on Building on Your Own Lot.


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